Our Culture

Our company culture reflects our values and principles. We will cultivate an environment where every associate can bring their authentic self to work, always feeling appreciated, accepted and prepared for success.


The Empowerment Resource Groups ensure our family of companies is not just a place to work, but a place where every associate feels they belong.




Our Diversity and Inclusion Action Councils (DIAC) serve as action-oriented advisory committees dedicated to championing a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all our associates and teams. DIAC members serve as change agents, and their efforts are vital in helping build a culture where everyone is included.




Change Agents

The DIACs started Inclusion Week across the company to provide a better understanding of the benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture.




Diversity in Action: Inclusion Ambassadors

The CompassOne Healthcare Diversity and Inclusion Action Council (COH DIAC) implemented the Inclusion Ambassador (IA) program. The IA program acts as an extension of the DIAC to further promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of the business.

The program invites regional leadership to nominate two inclusion ambassadors per region. The DIAC equips these Ambassadors with D&I messaging and content that helps reinforce a culture of inclusion across their region and within units.


“The inclusion ambassadors are our eyes and ears – our boots on the ground. The program has helped extend the reach of the DIAC by helping grow our culture in units.”
-Holly Blunkall,

DIAC Co-Chair

“The program has helped to develop a stronger, more cohesive team. We use small group sessions to talk about events in their lives where food was on the main stage. The Inclusion Ambassador program has worked to establish better practices and create space for sharing, growing and learning despite differences.”
-Ruth Argenta,

Inclusion Ambassador

“This role has given me the opportunity to connect not only deeper with my team, but also wider across the company. Everyone has a story to share, and when you give your teams the opportunity to do so, you make the work environment much more rewarding.”
-Stephanie Shaw,

Inclusion Ambassador


After the first year of implementation, the DIAC saw a significant increase in associate engagement across numerous programs, exhibited through an 80% increase in D&I content across multiple social media platforms.


Leadership Legacy Network

The Leadership Legacy Network (LLN) is a pillar of our diversity and inclusion strategy, focused on engaging and developing associates from all sectors. As Compass Group’s associate empowerment group, the LLN seeks to allow our people to be leaders and promotes professional development opportunities for members by hosting chapter meetings focused on enhancing leadership skills, career growth, mentoring, and inclusive leadership. The hallmark of an LLN chapter meeting is the cross-sector networking environment we offer.



Mentoring Circles

To further enable leaders’ ability to drive diversity and inclusion, the LLN created Mentoring Circles to help:


Fosterer-to-peer connectivity

Empower associates to feel in control of their own destiny and career growth

Encourage associates to expand their networks

Engage associates and foster a renewed sense of enthusiasm


The Mentoring Circles have more than doubled year over year, with hundreds of associates now having access to mentoring because of them. The continued expansion of Mentoring Circles provides an opportunity for associates to learn and grow from one another. The conversations and content leveraged in the circles continue to establish community and a culture of belonging.




This dedicated unit of associates shares the goal of promoting veteran recruitment, providing growth opportunities, honoring military service, and elevating our success through the use of their unique skill sets and cultural insights. We are proud to provide meaningful employment opportunities that empower these brave men and women to thrive and advance in this next phase of their careers.


Hiring Our Heroes

We believe veterans possess the skill, experience, and team focus to help us grow our organization today and in the years to come. Compass is proud to continue our partnership with Hiring Our Heroes, a nationwide initiative that provides insight into effective recruiting and onboarding strategies, as well as, opportunities to connect with transitioning service members. In addition to participating in veteran focused Career Fairs and On-Base Transition Summits, we are also excited to participate in the Corporate Fellowship Program. This program is a collaboration with partner corporations to aid veterans in the transition from the military to corporate America.




Courageous Conversations

This year, we developed a guide to be used as a road map to share experiences, dig in and have authentic conversations around issues that impact our people and communities. We’re focused on creating safe environments, grounded in respect, where associates can learn and grow from one another. This is critical to building a culture where all associates feel valued and appreciated.

Many of our DIACs have been leading Courageous Conversations in partnership with their Sector Leadership. Conducting Courageous Conversations has allowed our people to develop more empathy for one another, strengthen relationships, and learn how to better communicate despite differences.




The VetNet, Diversity and Inclusion Action Councils (DIAC), and Leadership Legacy Network (LLN) are developed for associates by associates. Their goal is to ensure our family of companies is not just a place to work, but rather a place where every associate feels they belong. In June of 2021, leaders from across our business and subject matter experts convened in the virtual Be the Difference dome to:

During the conference, ERG leaders and external partners spoke about Growing and Sustaining Your ERG for Maximum Impact, Building Winning Partnerships: The Key to ERG Success. We heard from many of our leaders on the meaning of diversity and inclusion for them personally and how they see inclusion becoming more integrated into their businesses. We also gained insights from our Lessons in Leadership: Women’s Panel and our Advocating & Supporting The Success of Diversity & Inclusion: Men’s Panel.

With nearly 500 participants on conference day, the virtual platform and its content continue to reach thousands more of our associates inspiring us all to continue to deliver on our goal of going Onward. Upward. Together.

“Such a great conference—an A Team of panelists—real difference maker from all perspectives.”

– David Eckwall,

SVP of HR,

Compass Group NA

“We are learning every day how to be inclusive, how to appreciate everyone’s differences. We need to be comfortable admitting we don’t know it all. It’s a personal and collective journey.”

– Alvin Townes,

SVP Digital Labs,

Conference Panelist

“I am energized from all I heard today and so impressed with the generous contributions from ALL the panelists.”

– Genevieve Stone,

VP of Joint Ventures,

Thompson Hospitality



Nudge is a communications platform that delivers tangible business results by helping non-desk workers stay informed, connected, and engaged at work.

Compass Group sectors rely on Nudge to communicate and engage with their frontline associates. With Nudge, we are proud to mobilize our workforce with the industry’s most-loved communications platform and provide staff with the information, inspiration, and insights they need to do great work, every day.


  • Improve communication: Help associates reach their full potential with direct, two-way communication.
  • Build engagement: Support great employee experiences, build community and connect the frontline with leadership.
  • Drive execution: Give associates the tools they need to manage their tasks and succeed in their roles.
  • Gather insights: Learn from associates and gain visibility into the frontline.


Compass Group on Nudge: Breaking Down the Numbers



Compass Group US Sectors on Nudge


Nudges Sent Since Compass’  Nudge Program Started


Avg. Program Satisfaction Rate


Avg. Weekly Engagement Across Sector Platforms



A Difference That Gets Noticed

Some of our associates share their experience with Nudge.


Nudge is awesome! Great networking tool for co-workers and a great way to stay informed with company updates!

A very large company becomes much smaller in terms of people being able to communicate across the country. It is a great opportunity to meet and share photos, ideas, and viewpoints with other FLIK associates. Nudge is a great idea!

My stress relief is the Nudge app. It has been a lifesaver for me. I have found comfort and support from associates all over the US. I have also seen so many posts that have made me smile, laugh, and feel inspired to do more.